QHSE Policy

Cubility shall be known as a world LEADER in its business segment in terms of innovation, reliability, quality and HSE performance.

Zero harm to personnel, the environment and assets is the overall company objective. No activity is more important than HSE and the well-being of Cubility’s employees and representatives.

Cubility acknowledges the fact that successful DEVELOPMENT only can be achieved by working closely with its Clients and Suppliers, promoting continuous improvement and reaching common targets.

The PEOPLE in the organization and the society in which Cubility operates are the company’s limits of growth. Cubility shall proactively identify and mitigate risks, ensure an outstanding working environment with room for diversity, and manage its business well within the frames of international guidelines for Corporate Social Responsibility.

Cubility’s vision statement, UNCOMPROMISED DRILLING EFFICIENCY, is the motivating force behind every aspect of the company’s drive to develop and expand.

Cubility is committed to COMPLY with internal and external requirements, to continually improve the effectiveness of the QHSE Management Systems and to prevent any pollution from its activities.

CubilityQHSE Policy